Capacity Assessment

A capacity assessment is geared specifically to meet the diagnostic needs of older individuals age 55 and above who are presenting with cognitive changes that prevent them from managing their medical and financial needs. The evaluation involves a clinical interview specifically tailored to areas of capacity that are being qustioned with the individual and family members, a thorough review of medical records, consultation with other providers involved in the patient’s health care, and the administration of psychometric measures that evaluates all facets of memory functioning so as to better determine the nature of the “breakdown” in the memory process (registration, encoding, consolidation, storage or retrieval). The testing also includes the evaluation of other cognitive realms, such as visual, sensory-motor, language and executive functioning; areas of impairment that often come hand-in-hand with memory loss.  

The psychometric measures included in the capacity assessment were selected for their sensitivity and helpfulness in detecting and differentiating cognitive changes that prevent one from managing specific areas of day-to-day functioning. Different types of capacity that may be evaulated include...

Capacity to make a will

Capacity to manage one's checkbook

Capacity to make sound financial decisions

Capacity to manage one's health issues

Capacity to manage one's medications

Capacity to make sound decisions regarding health care placement.

Capacity to end life with medical assistance

In addition to these areas, I am also willing to answer other questions about functional capacity when appropriate.  If you have any additional questions, please contact me at or (510) 316-4364, and I will respond to your enquirey within a business day.


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