Psychological Assesment

A Psychological Assessment seeks to provide diagnostic clarification and differentiation when there is uncertainty regarding the nature of the psychiatric disorder that is at play and the various underlying factors that may be contributing to the symptoms or clinical presentation.  Based on the use of statistically valid and reliable measures, a careful and insightful study of the psychometric tests results, questionnaire responses, and clinical interview; a psychological evaluation focuses on the identification of deep-seated intrapsychic dynamics, longstanding maladaptive response patterns and psychological defenses that interfere with the individuals’ social and interpersonal interactions and capacity for more adaptive functioning in their home, school or work environment.  This assessment provides description of thought processes, personality characteristics and mood states. Oftentimes, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and counselors may request a Psychological Assessment if treatment interventions have not been as effective as anticipated or if the possibility of an underlying thought disorder comes to the forefront.


Forensic Assessment